Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Hangout and Lambert's Cafe

 At Lambert's one of the waiters serving the pass around, in this case cabbage!! so good!
 Cheese and nachos at the Hangout. So good!! love the cheese sauce!!!!
Grilled chicken sandwich at the hangout!! So good!! i had to cut it in half because it was huge! 
 me at Lambert's cafe!
 Another of the Lambert's Cafe waiters serving fried okra!!! crunchy and so good!
The famous huge yummy roll at Lambert's cafe. They throw them at you!!! I had so much fun!
 Fried pork chops at Lambert's cafe. My friend order this plate and love it!!! he ate it all!!!!
 Meatloaf with sizes at Lambert's Cafe. My other friend order this plate. He love it as well. Very good southern plate!!! "Home on a plate" : D
 Hamburger with mushroom!!! good!!! my friend took it to go, she was full already by the pass around!!! lol. But she did love the burger!! 
This was my plate, huge chicken Caesar salad!!! i took it to go and had it for lunch the next day!!! very good salad!!! mmm!!

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